The Arul Sattam

Sri Reddiapatti Swamigal developed the Arul Sattam based on the 3 premises, which he identified as the main cause of unhappiness in this earthly world –  


1. Lack of faith in the Divine’s grace

2. Practice a way of life against the course of nature

3. Unable to contain the wants of life and living

The results of all these is that we are constantly chasing to acquire materialistic pleasures and hence find ourselves in perpetual dissatisfaction. We are thus bound to lead a life filled with frustrations and constantly endeavour to seek peace and solace outside. Little do we realise that all the peace is only within us. The adoption of Arul Sattam will open our eyes to this dimension and we can through our constant efforts find total happiness within us.

The code as laid down by Sri Reddiapatti Swamigal comprises 16 principles –